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Major points from a recent Google survey:

If you think mobile is still something to put in the ‘too hard’ bucket, think about these stats.

– Smartphone penetration in Australia has reached 65% while one in three YouTube videos are now watched on mobiles, according to Google, up from 52% in 2012 and 37% in 2011.

– Of those smartphone users, 41% said they perceived increased usage of their devices over the past year

– One in four Google searches are coming through a mobile with 58% of those surveyed searching on their smartphones daily. Sixty-eight percent of people have searched product information.

– The average smartphone owner has 33 apps installed on their device, with 11 of them paid apps. In the last 30 days, the average owner has used 12 of their apps.

– While the perception of smartphones is that it is an on-the-go device, 96% of owners reported using it at home compared to 82% on-the-go. Seventy-seven percent of people used it in-store.

– Eighty-one percent of people use their smartphones while doing other activities such as watching TV or even reading a book.

– If a brand doesn’t have a mobile site and the consumer has a bad experience, people will switch off from that brand. Forty-five percent of Australian brands don’t have mobile-optimised websites.

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