Management Consulting


Effective mobile applications are built after undergoing careful analysis and planning. Each application should be treated as a separate business venture all together which means that it should be subjected to all the business considerations such as value proposition, market positioning, etc prior to going into development.

iPluz understands that not all parties can have the luxury of investing time on these or simply do not have the know-how. With the collective experience of over 10 years, the consulting team at iPluz can be commissioned to undergo a thorough analysis of your concept through to execution and maintenance.The management consulting unit of iPluz provides consulting for the following areas:

Mobile Application & Digital Strategy

An in-depth strategic study on how your company can benefit strategically from the growth of mobile applications and how this ties in with your digital strategy. A workshop is normally held to capture and brainstorm ideas led by our qualified facilitator to draw up your company’s App plan for 3 or 5 years.

Go to market (GTM) planning & execution

Many companies developed great apps but failed to capitalize on their investment simply because they do not have a well thought out GTM plan and/or do not have the experience to execute. The consultants at iPluz have launched over 100 high profile products around the Asia Pacific region and can help companies get their app to market minimizing risks and maximizing returns.