Why iPluz?

iPluz is the complete package when it comes to apps:

1. Passion and Pioneering: We believe that no matter how good your mobile devices are and how fast your mobile internet speed is, without relevant applications, these devices and infrastructure are just dump instruments. Therefore, the team at iPluz continues to build innovative, amazing and effective apps.

2. Quality Assurance: We ensure that only the best applications in terms of quality are delivered from our labs. Our experience team has launched over a hundred mobile titles in the Asia Pacific region, most notably all mobile football services in Hong Kong, Macau and parts of China, Mobile news services in Australia and Unified communications services in Malaysia. Our app platform technology also ensures that all apps meet our stringent standards at all times.

3. Complete Support Services: Just building good apps alone is also not enough. For an app to gain traction, it is vital that the right marketing mix is chosen and apps are well operated. iPluz support services provide cost effective services ranging from marketing planning and execution to content management and intellectual property protection for optimum results.

4. Realistic Pricing and Charging Models: We believe in providing technology access to all, hence is strongly against overcharging practices. Our consultants are all trained to find the best solutions for our customers at the best price. We even guarantee this by beating any genuine quotation from other developers.


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